MMS carries an inventory of more than 1000 equipment ready to meet your requirements. We have been providing rental services in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to contractors, oil & gas companies, construction companies, event organizers, and individuals, since 1983. Our inventory includes generators, welding plants, air compressors, demolition equipment, tower lights, lifts and a number of other heavy and light duty equipment.

Our rental fleet includes but not limited to:

  • Generators (50Hz and 60Hz)
  • Welding Plants/Machines (Electric & Diesel Engine Powered)
  • Air Compressors (Electric and Diesel Engine Powered)
  • Compactors (Roller / Plate)
  • Viberators
  • Electric Hilties and Jack Hammers
  • Tower Lights
  • Core cutting machines
  • Stone polishing machines
  • Steel cutting and bending machines
  • Asphalt cutting machines
  • Sand Blasting Machines
  • Water Pumps